I say I’m going through a quarter-life crisis and everyone automatically assumes I’m about to spiral out of control. Nah…

After the liveliness of New York, life had gotten pretty bland. I know you’re supposed to be content in whatever season you’re in, but sometimes you just need to grab the reins and do something different. Liven things up. So that’s what I’ve done. I got bored. Like really bored. Maybe restless is the word. And diving into another book just wasn’t going to cut it. So I made some things happen.

And here are the things that have happened, along with a playlist to accompany them all. Just go ahead and download Spotify, I promise it’s worth it.

January ended with a 30th birthday bash for Maggie. A group of her good friends from high school to now all surprised her throughout the day which led to an evening out in Chattanooga, dinner at Beast and Barrel (yummmm) and then drinks and entertainment at Sing It or Wing It Karaoke Bar. You won’t catch me dead on stage, but Maggie and Tasha belted out some awesome tunes. A few of us ended the night (morning) with chocolate cake at Maggie’s and then grabbed some Varsity on the way back home.


In February I got to see one of my favorites, Moon Taxi, perform at the Cox Capitol Theater in Macon. I had seen them four years prior at the Hummingbird before they exploded at their packed performance at Bonnaroo that same year. #hipsterstatus You can definitely tell they have come a long way, though the energy and passion is still just as real and tangible. I went out with my guy friends and as we worked our way up we made some concert friends (Pat and Daniel) and chilled with them for the rest of the night. Below is a picture of my new friends, myself, and The Lonely Bones, who open for Moon Taxi.


Keeping in touch with Pat, we decided to hit up the Lotus concert at the Tabernacle. The entire weekend was filled with food, beverages, and music. I really can’t complain one bit. Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys. Yaasssss. And front row for Lotus was magical. Met some more great people and danced my little white girls moves for hours before we made a mad dash to the diner a few blocks down in the freezing cold for what might have been the best gyro of my life. Also, Pat introduced me to pho. If you haven’t had it, go find a Vietnamese restaurant right now. You’re welcome.


During all these events I also still have my job at the Hawkinsville Opera House. It’s pretty fantastic. February 20th The Return Beatles Tribute Band…errr… well, returned. They have a great following and for good reason. Not only do they embody the sound and styles of The Beatles, they have the same mannerisms as well as a left-handed bass player! Check them out here and be sure to visit the website for upcoming events! (We have a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater next Saturday! You HAVE to come! It will be to DIE for!)


The following weekend was Atlanta again to explore Castleberry with my old friend Vivas, Macon to visit the Munchkinnugget for Jack’s 2nd birthday party, and then Drake White concert at the Crazy Bull with Dillon, Ted, and friends. Listen to this, you’ll love him.


March has appeared both finally and all of a sudden, and with it brought the first annual Okeechobee Music Festival! As a three-time Bonnaroo veteran, I immediately had to dial my best fest friend, Megan to grab our tickets! The line-up was phenomenal with headliners Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex, Bassnectar, Robert Plant, and Hall and Oats, as well as sets from Jason Isbell, Miguel, Future, Grace Potter, Portugal. the Man, Marian Hill, and my favorite up and coming band Family and Friends from Athens, Georgia! Just a month after discovering Okee and buying our tickets we were on our way to festival bliss, surrounded by thirty thousand others to the sold-out Sunshine Grove in sunny south Florida. The weather nor the weekend could have been any more perfect.

I’m pretty sure heaven is an eternal music festival.


This weekend though wasn’t really based on an event, but was definitely a life change. Not even a life change, an appearance change. A process of bleaches and dyes and time-lapse videos all aided and directed by the fabulous Woodward Bartlett.  I’m not sure when I decided I wanted white hair, probably because of Mandy Murphy, or heck, maybe I just really liked Kida from Atlantis as a kid (and by kid I mean always).

For those of you who don’t know me, I live in a normal, small-town in middle Georgia surrounded by farms and at least twenty minutes from the nearest Kroger. White hair is only seen on those that didn’t exactly ask for it around here. So this is an odd move for where I’m from. Of course, I’m odd so it fits.

I decided to finally pull the trigger or make the leap or however you want to put it. I scheduled an appointment. We knew we wouldn’t get ice white in one session but I gave Julianne all creative liberty, because she is pretty magical and I knew I would absolutely love whatever she came up with. It ended up almost a silver/grey/blonde. I’m like my own version of mother of dragons. Julianne dubbed me ice princess. 👸🏼


I haven’t been back in town to see anyone’s reactions, so this week should be fun. I’m sure I’ll receive some backlash for not being normal. Debbie and Mimi both told me they would love me ‘regardless’ of my hair. But I love it and can’t wait to spend a couple of hours (read: days) playing with new make up options and taking way too many selfies- most of which will never make it onto social media. It’s just a thing I do. My insecurities balance out my vanity. 😉


So this is my quarter-life crisis for now. Filling my calendar with events and people I love, making new friends, a new do, and who knows where I’ll end up next. For now, I’m spending this Saturday in napping, cleaning, and streaming Netflix. Going so much is kind of exhausting. And I need to get my butt to church in the morning.

So what do you think? Like my hair? What have you been up to? Been to any good concerts lately? Send me some music recommendations! Comments on quarter-life crises?  Talk to me. 🙂