Every year since Grampa passed away our family has taken off for the holidays. The idea of staying home for the holidays left us down and out so our new tradition was to select a different location every year to vacation. We’ve cruised to Nassau, been to Tybee and Savannah, Hellen, and Atlanta. We’ve gone to inner city Christmas Eve services and even volunteered at Homeless Shelters. Whatever the destination or activity we are together and doing something new. Memories over material things.

Though not everyone could make it this year, the immediate family set out to explore touristy Tennessee. A few days were spent in Pigeon Forge sightseeing before journeying to Nashville. I must note that the Christmas Dixie Stampede Special is phenomenal. And the food was to die for, as expected. By far my favorite event in Pigeon Forge.

Our first stop in Nashville was to iRide Nashville where we took a Segway tour of the city. Above you’ve seen our Segway Selfie. Such a fun way to travel and learn. Shout out to Eric our tour guide! He was full of interesting facts and stayed dedicated to sharing information even through the rain that hit on our way back to the store. If you’re ever in the area, this tour is a MUST! You can find them at www.segwayofnashvilletours.com.

Jason Isbell Michael Tait

That night we dropped Kyle off at a skate park and hit a mall. We couldn’t afford anything in the mall but we did have the awesome opportunities to run into Jason Isbell, formerly of Drive By Truckers, and Michael Tait, of Newsboys and DC Talk. How awesome is that?! I’m still fan-girling!

When we went to pick Kyle up, we heard music pouring out of the building. But not the usual skate park music of rap and alternative. It was a hundred beautiful voices lifting up praise to God. I went in to ask the concessions guy who was having a concert and he informed us that the other side of the building was actually where a church met. Kyle having another hour to skate, Mom, Dad, and I posted up on the back row and joined in the worship. They were in the middle of Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli. One of my favorites. The location wasn’t the only thing that was unusual for a church. The congregation was full of people who would stereotypically seem unwelcome in the traditional church building. All lifting their hands and worshiping with whole hearts and loud voices. It was perfect. I pray the church of middle Georgia can become a safe place for all of God’s children: the brains, the athletes, the basket cases, the princesses, and the criminals. They all belong. Just like they did at The Belonging Co.


The next day we woke up early and headed to The Escape Game, Nashville. If you have a smart phone you may have played one of the multitudes of Escape game apps, using clues and solving puzzles to navigate your way out of a situation or locked room. Well this was that in real life. We were given one hour to make our way through puzzles and locks to escape our locked room. We escaped with five minutes to spare! It was SO much fun! I cannot wait to try the other rooms and scenarios. I definitely recommend!


The final night of our journey, Christmas Eve, was spent in the Music City Tiny House! I am extremely interested in the Tiny Home concept and would love a home of my own. Granted, staying in a 204 sq ft home was a bit cramped for the four of us, I still managed to stay in love with the idea. The floor plan was open and well-lit, the kitchen and shower were larger than anticipated, and Sarah was so sweet and hospitable to let us stay there Christmas Eve Night. I can definitely envision myself in one of my own. If anyone would like to angel invest in my tiny dreams I wouldn’t hate it. Just sayin’…

That concludes The Berryhill’s Christmas Vacation- 2014.