So I’m weird. And my friends are weird. And we decided we would take a weird little road trip once a year. Last year Maggie, Megan, Becca and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Mountains, scorpions, and orchards.


This year Jenn joined us in St. George Island, Florida. Sunshine, snakes, and porches. Just a small group of girls with no other mission than to have no mission. And that’s how we like it.

Though there is no mission, there are three patterns that have formed in our two trips.

  1. There is an uncomfortable amount of eating.
  2. We go explore our surroundings all together one day.
  3. And though makeup is rarely used, we take a ton of pictures. Some just aren’t allowed on social media. 😅

For the pictures that are allowed on social media. I suggested we create a hashtag, so we can resurface each trip’s pictures with just the click of a button. The hashtag would have to be weird, like us, and unique so that odds are against anyone else using it. We wouldn’t put years in it either, so we could just have a continual stream of pictures from trip 1 to 100.

Over the course of the weekend, we tried to think of our hashtag. Many ideas were thrown out. After eating probably ten pounds of food in two days we settled on #bustedbiscuitstour because that’s what we would look like if we tried to squeeze into our swimsuits at that point. (You can thank Becca for the mental image. She has such a way with words.) It was complete happenstance that the biscuits we tried to cook were actually a bust and completely inedible.


The majority of the trip (that wasn’t spent eating some type of cheese dip or veggie tray) was spent on the porch swapping stories or playing cards. After last year’s debacle with Apples to Apples, I decided to level up and bring out Cards Against Humanity. Yeah, it’s raunchy and inappropriate but it was just us girls laughing our butts off. #sorrynotsorry


We did make it out to the beach together for one short afternoon. It was gorgeous but we didn’t make a day of it because of the wind chill. Megan decided to make friends with some gulls. Well, she thought they were friends. I was having Hitchcock Birds flashbacks.


That night we made it out to Harry A’s for a few drinks, MORE FOOD, and a great band. The atmosphere was so much fun. Of course that was probably aided by the fact that Becca was doing ‘Becca’ dances and making everyone laugh. (If she asks tell her we were all laughing with her.) 😜



Then the last full day Maggie and Jenn decided to chill at the house while Megan, Becca, and I rented bikes and coasted up and down the island for a while. We stopped for ice cream because – duh – and then walked back home along the beach.




Image via Becca. Thanks, boo.

I love these girls so much. We have shared so many memories and lived through so many life phases together. Even if we go weeks or months or years without seeing each other, these are my ride or dies. And next year we plan on riding (& not dying) with even more of our best gals!  Clearwater Beach, be on the look out!