As you might have read in my last post, I have accepted the position as the new Office Manager at the Hawkinsville Opera House. So please take a seat and let me tell you a bit about my new gig in this old venue. Or you can bypass this history section and just watch my fifteen seconds of fame on WGXA Morning News here where I ever so awkwardly describe it. (A big thanks to Rick Devens for inviting me on!)

The Hawkinsville Opera House was built in 1907 and designed by architect W.R. Gunn who is also known for Macon’s Grand Opera House. Gunn was quoted assuring that, “No sound will ever echo on itself and no one seated in the auditorium will have to crane their neck to see any part of the 75-foot stage,” or he would refund a thousand dollars. (To which he never had to refund. Ahem…. perfect acoustics.)

Opera House

During its first few decades of operation, the Auditorium hosted several traveling acts. People would travel by car, riverboat, and rail to attend the many shows. My great-grandmother was born in 1915 so I like to picture her mother Birdie Coody bringing a little Ophelia to events as she grew up.

Thanks to community concern and support, the Opera House was placed on the National Historic Register and went through a large renovation in 2000. With new plumbing, electrical, and state of the art equipment the building was ready to welcome new acts. Acts that I now get to help bring in!

The building is owned by the city and managed by all the wonderful women (and man) of the non-profit Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council.


So please come enjoy a show! Support the arts and keep the Opera House alive! We are here to entertain! And we want to hear your thoughts!