I’m moving to Atlanta

I know.

I drop off the radar for months, then hit you with this news!

I’ve wandered around a lot this year (Passion, Boston, Connecticut, Music Festivals..) and now I’ve finally decided that a more permanent change is in order. So I’m moving to Atlanta. Well, Decatur, actually.

Hawkinsville is where I grew up. It’s where my family is. From childhood to loft-life, and back to G.G.’s House, I have grown to love and respect this place and the people in it. But it is not where my next chapter is. It has become quite stagnant and lonely.

Atlanta falls within the imaginary 200-mile radius my father will “allow” me to live. It will bring me closer to WellsWorks Furniture and Maggie. I’ll be an hour away from Macon and only miles away from friends scattered within the perimeter.

I’m looking forward to hosting brunches, shopping at farmer’s markets, and crushing the rail at concerts. I plan to find the perfect coworking spot for me to get down to business. (Anyone need a table?) And I’ll be able to hang out with my Atlanta fam without overstaying my welcome aka living at their house every weekend/all weekend. (Thanks, guys.) I’ll have a home to return to that isn’t two hours away.

Roommates and Kitties

A few good potentials and several other… uhh… interesting meetings later, I finally found the perfect living situation. Shyssa and I will be moving in with Dana, and Alisha, and their cats, Polly and Coco. We met last week and began planning bar cart accessories, gardening ideas, and trash tv nights. Stephanie, whose room I am taking, is moving down the road. She and I will be carpooling to Passion City Church and the local community group at Argosy. Everything has fallen right into place!

Now I sit on my couch taping up boxes in unbelief that I am actually moving to Atlanta. Yes, I’ve been manically planning this in my head and online for months but somehow it still snuck up on me! Life does that huh?

So yeah. Come visit me! Or are you in Atlanta? Let’s meet up!