This weekend I went grocery shopping, washed ALL the dishes, clothes and bedding, compiled donation bags, swept, mopped, walked and washed the dog. By Sunday night, my house was spotless, scents of eucalyptus and mint flowed through the air (shout out diffuser), classical music was playing, my mud mask was on, and a glass of red wine was in hand. I sat and basked in the fact that life was very good in that moment.

I could have gone to Music Midtown but I opted to save money, stay at home, and get stuff done. It was a pretty mature moment for me. I think I’m growing up. I definitely deserved that glass of wine.

It’s funny how moments of personal growth appear as either dull or even painful while they’re happening. Just in the past month I’ve accepted a new job, turned down a job, and put in my first notice. I’ve had to figure out my ‘best yes,’ and in doing so tell a person I care about no (or, actually, ‘how about this…’). I’ve had to reevaluate some relationships and re-prioritize my agenda and my budget.

These moves required forethought and prayer. I hate letting people down, so saying no can be scary. But I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t do it all. Each decision and action has taken me closer to a future I’m looking forward to and becoming an overall a better human being. (I’ve still got a hella long way to go.)


Tuesday was my last morning as the receptionist for the ENT. It was a short-lived part-time job but I really enjoyed it. It shook me out of my bubble and helped me realize just how many people also had a lot going on. I thank God for all those in the medical field. I’m grateful to have been able to work with doctors that not only bring healing but also happiness. Joy is a good kind of contagious. 😉

And of course, I’m still at the Hawkinsville Opera House! Our next event is the Macon Symphony Youth Orchestra October 27th for some fun scores and classical pieces. After that Phil Dirt & the Dozers are bringing classic oldies rock and roll. The Pulaski Players just began practice for their Christmas play. You can view the cast list on their website. It looks like Blossom is somehow making another appearance!



So my friends Maggie and Tyler had their precious baby Rowan at 23 weeks. This little girl is a warrior princess and is showing the NICU all she’s got over in Chattanooga. We keep sending up our prayers and God continues to show out on that beautiful, sweet family. If you’d like to follow along you can like Rowan’s facebook page here and send up some prayers and share some love.


During all of this, Tyler’s business, WellsWorks Furniture went facebook viral and now has orders coming in from all over the US and even inquiries from Canada and Australia! I don’t blame a one of them though, have you SEEN his work?!? These tables are works of art. You can see the love and dedication he puts into each one. And thanks to all of this new success, I’ve been able to join the team as the new office manager! I’m honored to be a part of the WellsWorks team and work with cool, weird, and godly people.


So that’s pretty much my life right now. Job one, job two, and seeing friends in between. All of which I’m pretty happy about. What are you up to lately? Any adulting, trials, or big decisions in your life? I’d love to hear about them! You can comment below or message me here.