So I suppose Thursday isn’t technically a weekend, but for me it’s close enough. Lemme tell ya about these little adventures I call weekend wanderings…

Thursday, April 21

Photo-Apr-21,-8-09-04-PMI left straight from work to see Patrick and Damon play softball at Central City Park. Macon Improvement Authority is the team name. Though I try, I do not ‘sport’ very well so I was glad to get to hang out with my new friend Lillie. Her parents are on the team. She is one and a half and flipping adorable. She even has her own jersey. Seriously. In love. We watched the game, emptied the contents of my purse onto the dugout floor, and tried to eat Cheetos off of the ground. Well. That was mainly her. But it was getting close to supper time. I could hardly blame her.

After the game, Patrick kicked off my birthday festivities by getting our concert tickets at the Cox Capitol Theater. We grabbed some mouth-watering tacos from El Camino and headed into the concert as the band was coming on.

El Camino, Macon, GA

I first got the chance to see The Oh Hellos at Okeechobee and fell in love with their eclectic folk-rock sound and super fun presence and atmosphere. And though I live for festivals, I’m also a little bias towards intimate concert venues like the Cox (and, you know, Hawkinsville Opera House).

One thing I had failed to grasp at Okee was the fact that this was a Christian brother/sister duo. After diving into the lyrics I found the dark, hypnotic melodies to be filled with biblical subtext. Their album Through the Deep, Dark Valley sings of rebellion and remorse echoing the story of the prodigal son. The most recent Dear Wormword references C.S.Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor now and look them up.


Saturday, April 23

Saturday morning I headed back up to Macon to see the lovely Stephen Mays. His birthday was the twelfth so we April babies planned to celebrate with brunch. After appetizers at Bearfoot Tavern we migrated to Parish on Cherry for bottomless mimosas.

Patrick met up with us there and we decided to plan our next move. After tossing around a few options, Patrick’s friends Will and Michelle picked us up and drove down to Macon Beer Company. We conversed, sipped, snap-chatted, and corn-holed for hours.


The night ended with burgers and brats at Will and Michelle’s home. A hand full of ladies from Michelle’s roller derby team joined us. There was talk of puppies, derby, kale chips, and Queen Bey. (It was #lemonade night.) A nice fire pit was lit after the last of the burgers had been devoured. Man, I can still smell those burgers. The noms….


If the weekend is any indication then this summer is going to be one of the best yet. It was full of those perfect moments where you forget any troubles you carry and truly live in the moment, only to step out of it long enough to snap chat it. 😉

So here’s to good music, bottomless mimosas, new friends, and new adventures! Follow me (@kristaprada) on snapchat and instagram for more pics and flicks of my weekend wanderings!