BoysnBerry (n.)
The friendship of Becca D. (formerly known as Boys) and Kristen Berryhill.

One of my best friends in the world is Becca. If you don’t know her personally that’s okay because I can only share her with so many people. Lucky for you, some of her thought nuggets are posted online, so you, too, can enjoy her weirdness from anywhere in the world (

Becca is extremely creative and secretly weird. Like, you wouldn’t know she was weird if you just met her. She is a kind and surprisingly responsible adult. Wait until you’ve been around her a bit and she starts randomly singing about pork chops at a coffee shop or R2D2 and his droidfriend, or you watch her take the ugliest selfie imaginable- which is actually a talented illusion because she’s beautiful.

I’ve known Becca since I was sixteen, which is coming up on eleven years now. Crazy. I know.
BoysnBerry has lasted through all of the friends groups and phases and years…

…Like hanging out with baby Heidi, watching the guys play Mario Cart at Hutch’s, or listening to Zeppelin or The Beatles on a porch swing across town…

…Waiting tables at the Horseshoe and spending countless nights at Starbucks or
eating poptarts at Megan’s and listening to some Becca originals (there are quite a few)…

…The first official BoysnBerry trip to Disney World. And the tire blowout that followed…

…Many, many nights spent at BJ’s Billiards with the girls…

… Or that one night at BJ’s that Becca met her person. (Rick, I mean Rick.)

The year before Becca and Rick got married, Becca convinced me to get an apartment with her for a year-long BoysnBerry adventure. The two of us are both phasey and impulsive so of course we signed a lease the same day we went apartment shopping. We created a Roommate Agreement for our BoysnBerry year. If you’ve ever seen The Big Bang Theory you get the idea but you are welcome to read ours here.

It’s funny to think we moved all the way to Macon and all we did the entire year was watch Doctor Who and Saved by the Bell while eating No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. Our tiny little apartment, our blogs, our veggies trays and apples, and our cat and dog. It was a great year.

Becca's Wedding

Her wedding was lovely and since then she has had one of the most perfect little boys on this planet #adventuresofjackandauntkristen and she’s incubating another little nugget now. Kids still terrify me a little but Jack is super cool and loves his Aunt Kristen (and I him).

The only complaint I have is that to this day I don’t want to clean unless I’m at least talking to her on the phone. As long as I’ve known her she’s begged me to come sit and hang out with her as she cleaned to give her some motivation. It’s since rubbed off on me.

Becca taught me to truly live in and appreciate each moment in life, that sometimes “if you’re not confused you’re not paying attention,” and how to properly boil water.

I’m sorry to take up your time with my pictures and memories from years ago… But I’m so happy because I just found out we have another BoysnBerry trip coming up! I thought once families came along our adventures would fade away. (Because all my friends are growing up.) But nahhh. BoysnBerry is taking on New England in a just a few weeks! It’ll be a work trip, but we’ll manage to do some exploring on the side and I’m pinterested up and raring to go!

So, Bec, thanks for your friendship… I’ll see you tomorrow so we can plan what we need to pack. Love ya! 🙂