To Wait and Wander

The Roommate Agreement

This is a roommate agreement between Kristen and Rebecca  for the duration of their lease.


  • Security Deposit The Deposit has been paid in equal parts by the roommates to the landlord.
  • Rent Each Roommate shall pay $xxx.xx, which will cover their $xxx rent. Individual payments will be submitted to the landlord, therefore each roommate is responsible for collecting and delivering their own checks. Rent will be paid early each month.
  • Purchasing of household/ shared supplies Roommates are responsible for their own household items with the exception of shared articles and will buy necessities in turns.
  • Groceries are to be purchased by each roommate for her own use.Utilities: Internet: Kristen, Gas & Electric: Rebecca. Each roommate has the responsibility of paying her evenly divided portion of the bills to the person whose name is on each utility. This will be done in a timely manner so the bill is paid before the due date. The responsible party of each bill will determine the amount owed by each roommate, collect the amount, and remit payment before the due date.
  • Electronic equipment which is not in use is to be turned off, or placed in standby. This includes, but is not limited to, televisions, radios, stereo, computers, monitors, fans, and lights.
  • Thermostat should be set to 75*F until the first electric bill, at which point temperature will be negotiated.

Clean Up

  •  Each roommate is equally responsible in providing a clean environment in which to live. Each roommate agrees to do her own dishes within a timely matter and empty trash bins as needed. There are to be no dirty dishes left in the sink or on counters. The kitchen should be kept in a neat manner at all times. If a roommate prepares a meal, she may leave things out only for a few hours afterwards. Extensive cleaning of the kitchen is governed by chore assignments.
  • Roommates will alternate bathroom cleaning weekly.
  •  Roommates will keep their own bedrooms clean.

Personal Property

  • All roommates agree to refrain from borrowing another’s personal items without prior approval. If personal property is damaged, the roommate responsible will be held liable for repair or replacement.
  • A roommate may borrow any clothing item/ costume jewelry by request, with details of purpose, and cleaning prior to return.
  • Each roommate is to supply her own bathroom caddy for personal toiletries. Items should be replaced in caddy and area cleaned after each bath/shower.


  • Minor offences should warrant verbal or written warning, and discussion to prevent future occurrences.
  • Pet Peeves of Kristen: Repetitive noises, being woken up.
  • Pet Peeves of Rebecca: Talking during movies without  pausing, taking her food without asking, clipping nails anywhere but into a trashcan, vomiting- in general, and being woken up.
  • All irritations must be reported ASAP by filling out the ‘Hey Asshole” Form.
  • When a “Hey Asshole” Form is received, an “Apology” Form must be submitted within 24 hours. (A*hole form has been changed since)


  • Drink responsibly. No illicit drugs are permitted at any time, for any reason, under any circumstance. No person is allowed to enter the household who is known to be in possession of drugs.
  • Parties are acceptable, provided the host informs the other roommate one week in advance and is responsible for property damage and cleanup.
  • In the event one friend is invited to do anything fun (that is not considered a date or family function) she shall invite the other friend to accompany her.


  • Visitors are permitted at anytime, as long as everyone respects each roommates peace and privacy.
  • Prolonged overnight guests (greater than three nights) are not permitted without prior approval from the other roommates.
  • Unexpected overnight guests must be reported the moment the unexpected is expected. 😉
  • Guests may sleep in any bed provided host cleans and makes bed before the roommate returns.

Misc Clauses

  • If one friend is ever to acquire super powers, she will name the other friend as her sidekick.
  • If a friend is ever bitten by a zombie, the other cannot kill her, even if she is turned.
  • Each roommate is to ask the other (at least once a day) how she is doing, even if she does not care.
  • If a friend is downtrodden, a hot beverage must be offered him/her.
  • Roommates must notify the other when taking showers, so as to make sure the other doesn’t need to use the restroom.
  • Emergency meetings may be called at anytime,  as long as both roommates are present and neither is engaged in anything serious.

By Signing below, I agree to the terms set forth in this contract and agree to abide by them in good faith.