This past Saturday was a Hawkinsville Opera House event I’ve been looking forward to for months! A Dance with Death, Mystery Dinner Theater. The event was held as a fundraiser for the Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Arts Council. Supporting the arts, dressing up, having a drink, and hanging out with good people. If you know me, you know these are a few of my favorite things.

Scene of the crime: 1957 junior/senior prom. For me that meant lots of curls, blood red lipstick, and skin-tight black pants  Luckily, I turned into an ice princess just a week prior. The silver blonde went perfectly with the look. The outfit was completed with my brother’s Letterman jacket and my grandmother’s class of ’54 ring. Bad Sandy was in town and ready to twist and jive to tunes from Buddy Holly, Paul Anka, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry.


The event kicked of with a cocktail half hour at 6:30, but excited guests were already arriving around 6, ready for the night to begin. For a first-time event of the sorts, it was a packed room full of people of different ages and varying enthusiasm about costumes, but all there for a good time and to solve a crime.


The Murder Mystery Dinner Company actors were in role ready to party. A jammin’ DJ, a not-so-thrilled principal, an adorably nerdy class president/detective, and a ditzy cheerleader mingled with the crowd and directed the evening’s events.


You might have already read the recap on the Opera House site, but just in case you haven’t I’ll give you the brief synopsis of the night again:

The night had just begun and the prom king and queen were about to be announced when there was… you’ll never believe this….  a MURDER. A large gasp left the crowd in unison, almost as if on cue.

Was it the principal, the captain of the football team, the rebel, the dark artistic one, head cheerleader, history teacher, nurse, or nerd? (Is this a John Hughes movie or what?) Secrets, bribes, hidden love affairs, who knew what we would uncover? With many twists and turns throughout the night, prom definitely kept us on our toes. Thanks to the crowd’s great deductive reasoning and the help of the detective, the crime was solved and the motives were laid out like the clues on the evidence table.


As you can see this was a serious matter of events. Seriously fun, that is. Look above at my mom and dad cheesing. And Staci in the back all dolled up in her pink poodle skirt. I loved every costume! We had a couple of groups of ladies that really went all out! Some of these photos were posted to the event’s facebook page. Aren’t they all just dolls?!?


Have you ever been to a mystery dinner theater? This was my first but I am hoping it becomes an annual thing! What were your highlights if you’ve ever been? Do you like to dress up? It’s not for everyone but I’m pretty sure those of us that do have the most fun! haha!