I originally wanted this to be a lifestyle blog for setting goals and marking accomplishments. Since then I’ve realized that my life isn’t always ‘lifestyle blog’ worthy, my DIY’s and 30-day-challenges barely ever making it past pinterest. Instead God has mostly used the posts here to hold me accountable to Him. But who is going to argue with that?! Never the less, today I have a post about cute outfits and close friends.

If you follow me on any social media platform, you probably know I am a Goodwill junkie. I try my best to find awesome outfits in retail stores, but the frugal [read cheap] part of me refuses to take most of those full-priced items any further than the dressing rooms. Goodwill, however, knows where it’s at. Find a good one, and you can leave me there for hours!

 Photo Sep 29, 8 13 28 PM

I recently took myself on a day trip to Atlanta and hit up the fancy Goodwills of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. Let me tell you. Struck gold.  I found a hand full of skirts, some tops, and two or three dresses.


Though I have yet to find a nice set of pants at a second-hand store, I did buy some at the mall. White, beige, navy, and black. What? I got a new job and all I owned were jeans?!

 I also take pleasure in trying on outlandish, outdated, or downright hideous outfits…. But that magnificent ton of green fabric to the left is the best piece I’ve ever laid eyes on! Usually I try it on, take a picture, laugh about it and put it back. But this time I took to Facebook for help.

Some of the ‘Reasons to buy’ suggestions included: Cosplaying as Scarlett O’Hara, Merida, or broccoli, going to prom because I look 16, painting it gold to be Belle, Why not?, Disneybounding, to go on a date, and more. Of course I got it. 

Let’s circle back around to Disneybounding. I’m not only a Goodwill junkie, I’m also a Disney and Pixar nerd. According to Disney Geekery, “The simple definition is that DisneyBounding is finding a line where Disney and fashion collide. Disney fans pick a character they want to portray and model an outfit using certain color pallets and accessories. It’s not as outlandish as cosplaying and subtle enough to be able to go out in public and look nice but still get nods of approval from Disney fans.”

So when the opportunity presented itself, I went for it.

Night of Joy 2015 was incredible. Not only did I get to wear cute outfits, disneybound as Ariel, the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, and Mr. Smee, but more importantly I got to go with an amazing group of people.

I really can’t express how tangible God’s love is when I look around and see who He has placed in my life just this last year. He is so good. It was surreal to walk around the happiest place on Earth while worship music flowed from the speakers, the stages, and all the people.

Listening to Mercy Me, Toby Mac, For King and Country, Lecrae. Praise was coming from everywhere. And when we got stuck in a restaurant during a huge thunderstorm praise was coming from the entire building. Lifting up joyful noises to God. I’m not sure if it was the freezing rain or songs of adoration, but I definitely had chills.

And before I finish bombarding you with images, I have to share one of my favorite moments. The last night we somehow got to ride the Dwarf’s Mine Train with a whole crew of Matt Maher’s band mates and sound crew! We had a magical sing-a-long with the group to ‘Hi-Ho’ during the ride and in the end got to snap this picture! How cool is that!?! Ummm. Very!

And now I’ll leave you with nine seconds of Thunder Mountain. 🙂