It’s somehow late-June. I’ve just now unpacked from Candler Park Music Festival. The weekdays have been busy preparing for Missoula Children’s Theater that wrapped up Saturday. The weekends have been packed with music, movies, and travel. Let me tell you about last week’s Revhead Hiking Adventure.


David Shaw in my faceI’m afraid I’ve been spoiled. My first two Revivalists concerts were back to back. Candler Park one Saturday and Cox Capitol Theater the following Friday. Both with David Shaw singing directly in my face. (Shout out to Danielle for the picture proof!) It was all I could do not to reach up and touch that hair! I had no idea what to do with myself this weekend without joining fellow revheads by the rail. A festival, an intimate venue and a favorite band. I have been in concert junkie heaven.

These boys truly are one of the best bands in the land. I’ve sipped the koolaid. I’m all revhead. I wish my new camera had come in time for the Cox concert, but I’ll be sure to have it for the next show! Donna (a revhead leading lady) caught the entire show on facebook live so I got to re-watch it again during the week. If you’re looking for a good band to get into, find a Revivalists show near you ASAP!


Below are some of the amazing people this band has put in my life.
Matt, Kristina, Rob, Pat, Donna, Danielle.




I awoke after about three hours of sleep to hit the road. Stephanie came up with the idea of visiting the seven natural wonders of Georgia. Amicalola Falls State Park, Okefenokee Swamp, Providence Canyon, Radium Springs, Stone Mountain, Tallulah Gorge, and Warm Springs. Okefenokee is closed for the summer, so we’re replacing it with Cumberland Island. We plan to hit these all before winter.


Providence Canyon, aka Little Grand Canyon, was our first outing. Neither of us claim to be athletic or outdoorsy, but we both like adventures and definitely need to get out more.

steph-drinking-water-hikingThree things this hike has taught me:
1) Watch for falling spiders.  Me panicking and Stephanie trying to save my life at least served as entertainment to the passing hikers, but I could have lived without.
2) Have the picnic BEFORE hiking. The nice little spread I brought had all but melted into a puddle in the 100+ degrees of my car.
3) Bring more water. Drink allllll the water.

We survived and got some great shots of the canyon. Steph snapped a cool shot with her new Polaroid instapix too. (We’re a little camera obsessed.) It’s gorgeous. I’m surprised I haven’t been sooner. We are so blessed to have mountains, canyons, springs, rivers, and beaches in Georgia. Some people go their entire lives without seeing any of these. I’m so thankful Steph included me in her adventures!

providence-canyon- revhead hiking adventure



Our next stop was Plains, Georgia, home of President Jimmy Carter. We grabbed some homemade peanut butter ice cream (with a chocolate swirl), ventured through alley ways and antique stores, and met more quaint, small-town folk while browsing the plethora of tourist merchandise.

Plains, Georgia - Revhead Hiking Adventure

Monroe’s in Americus was the last stop to scarf down some chili dogs. By this point Stephanie and I were delirious. I think we made it home and passed out before 9 pm. My Sunday was spent at church, with girlfriends, then dinner with Brad.  That about sums up my Revhead hiking adventure!

This past weekend was dedicated to Finding Dory, Missoula Children’s Theater, and bingeing new episodes of Orange Is The New Black with Brad.

I’ve waited thirteen long years for Finding Dory. My friend Damon and I destroyed some sushi (fish are friends AND food), then met my parents for the 7:45 showing. Thirteen years was an awful long time, but Pixar/Disney never disappoints. Even the short at the beginning had me emotionally invested.

I’ll have a whole post coming for Missoula Children’s Theater later, and I’m not going to go into my addiction to OITNB. You either love it or judge it. I chose love. 😋

What are your summer adventure goals?
What have your weekends been filled with?
Have you seen Finding Dory yet?
Any suggestions or advice for our upcoming travels?