It has been an amazing few years at the Cotton Mill Lofts. As the name suggests, it is a renovated cotton and textile mill that was refurbished with the help and hard work of so many. What once was an environmental hazard is now a thriving residential complex looking over the beautiful Ocmulgee River. You can read more about its beginning at

I was blessed to get one of the first apartments rented in November of 2012. My apartment is on the top floor overlooking the Veterans’ Park and Ocmulgee River. It is a two bed, two bath loft-style apartment with high vaulted ceilings and original beams and walls still featured. I am very proud of this building and have given multiple tours of the complex and my apartment over the years.

But like all good things, this too must come to an end. Over the next couple of weeks I will be moving out and into the mother-in-law suite adjoining my parents’ house. The past year has brought a lot of changes and with my roommate moving out, I feel it is the right time to move and save up for the next giant change in my life, whatever that may be. I have loved this place, the two years alone as well these past months with my roommate and cousin, Rebecca. This place has been host to many nights of card games, movies, wine, laughs, cries and more memories than I can recall in one post. But before I go, I would like to give one final tour before everything is boxed up and moved out. One final tour in pictures.

Door Decor by Complete Graphics Solutions and my first pictures while moving in.

High Vaulted Ceilings with original beams and Shyssa, my cat, enjoying her perch.

The picture above my couch is actually an image from an old Hawkinsville postcard of the Cotton Mill. Image blown up on canvas at Complete Graphics Solutions.

My room and restroom is upstairs and overlooks the living room. Rebecca’s room is downstairs with the high ceilings and exposed air ducts.

I love the lighting the large custom windows provide. Shyssa and I both love the view.


I’m sure there will be some adjustments to make, as moving back beside the parents isn’t exactly everyone’s dream at 25. Thankfully we’re blessed with a great relationship and an apartment/suite attached to their house that was built for my great-grandmother years ago. This will give me the opportunity to save more money and focus on the future: where I want to go, what I want to do, make some goals. I’ve got some plans (and pinterest boards), and I think this is the best step in making them come to fruition.