Life can really get in the way of living sometimes, huh? Perhaps not everyone has struggled with this, but I have really come to find that it is a daily battle and process to wake up every morning and be positive and intentional with my thoughts and actions.

Ideally, I would wake up, hit the yoga mat or walking trail, get in The Word, plan and prepare for my day and then head to work with a tune in my head and a smile on my face. I would manage my time and money wisely and treat everyone with respect and dignity- family, friends, clients, and strangers alike. The day would fly by and before I knew it I would be at home cleaning, reading, or doing some hobby or activity that I enjoy before getting a full 8 hours of sleep to be refreshed and excited to start it all over the next day.

But we all know that is not the case. It is far too easy to get wrapped up in the mundane. The stress of life too often overshadows the many blessings. We get aggravated with family, enraged at irresponsible drivers, annoyed with uneducated clients, and irritable with our significant others. We lose sight of the big picture. We forget our calling in life, our identity, and our motives. This version of myself that sleeps through her alarms every morning, skips work outs to eat southern-fried anything,  occasionally lives above her means, and emits an ungrateful, ill-tempered attitude has to go.

The facts are that I have a wonderful family that loves me unconditionally, stays together through thick and thin, and is a great example of godly living. My job is in an ever-growing industry and I am happy to call my coworkers my friends. I have a working car and a beautiful place to live. I have the resources and blessings to have a budget that covers my costs and every now and then allows for a little frivolous spending. My boyfriend is not only handsome and kind, but wants to grow in the Lord and values his family. Oh, and I have an awesome cross-eyed cat. Life is good.

It’s time to realign heart and mind: Life Intentional. Join me as I take this journey. I’m sure there will be ups and downs and I’ll try my best to be as transparent as possible so that everyone can relate, get advice, or give it. I encourage all comments, questions, advice, or encouragement.

Intentionally yours,