I want to review 2015 with thankfulness and reflection. While most of this will be done in the confines of my brain, it wouldn’t be complete without stalking myself on social media and this blog to see what I’ve missed, and recapping it with you all here.


January | The beginning of this year started out like most others, in Macon for the Cherry Blossom Drop. I did a little reflection with the post All About the Story and shared some thoughts on learning the hard way with Like, Ouch. We sold our website company to We Got That in Atlanta. and I started (&ended) the year debt-free!


February | I got to help celebrate Jack’s first year in this world at his Mickey Mouse party, had some friends over for a wine night, attended Winter Jam with my beautiful cousin, Beka, and practiced Lent for the first time.


March | Not a lot going on in March. So instead of recapping I will list the books I’ve read this year. With an average of one book a month, I read God is Able, Seven, Make it Happen, The Best Yes, Eleanor & Park, Brain on Fire, Keep it Shut, The Prayer of Jabez, Spoken For, Jesus>Religion, It’s Not What You Think, Love Skip Jump. I also got into the word with studies on Genesis, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Psalms, Proverbs, John, Philippians, Ephesians, and James. And since I’m a tad ADD I started reading: Boundaries in Dating, Boundaries, The Circle Maker, A Hunger for God, A Life God Rewards, and Mere Christianity. I’ll get around to finishing them. 🙂


April | I got a little overwhelmed and decided to take it back to the Word and meditate on Him. Pulaski Tomorrow held their first Annual Tee Up for Tomorrow Golf Tournament & Gala. It was a success and so much fun to help with! And I also spent my birthday weekend in Atlanta with my high school friends Vivas and Brandy building sheet forts, eating sushi, and raiding Ikea.


May | My baby brother graduated high school and I gave a little advice to the graduate. The next weekend Becca, Maggie, Megan and I began what we hope to be a tradition for a Memorial Day Girls’ Getaway. I also finished Georgia’s Academy for Economic Development.


June | I moved out of my loft– my home of almost three years. Very bittersweet. The summer months were also filled with moving Kyle into a dorm room, floating the river, and spending time with friends and family.


July | I moved into my great-grandmother’s, then grandmother’s apartment: G.G.’s House. This was an odd month. Still getting settled into the new place, or making an old place my own, and waiting to start my new job, it was filled with a lot of waiting. But waiting can bring about a lot of good too. More time to read, both the Word and books, learn more about myself, and focus on self-care.


August | My new job as the Office Manager of the Hawkinsville Opera House began August third! It has already been such a great experience and I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings!


September | Goodwill trips and Disney’s Night(s) of Joy had me busy worshiping and disneybounding most of September. The Opera House had its first event with me on board. The Grapevine came and put on a show! So much fun!


October | I was chosen to be a part of Jefferson Bethke’s launch team for his new (and amazing) book ‘It’s Not What You Think!’ And here is my review! October is also fair month so there was a lot of food involved. So much so that I did another juice cleanse mid-month. The night of the Hawkinsville Harness Festival, we had a Horror movie night at the Opera House, showing Night of the Living Dead. It was a lot of fun and I hope to continue to do different events like that in the future. Also, Brad got me Taylor Swift Tickets for my birthday so Halloween weekend I road-tripped to Tampa to see my girl live! Unfortunately, my eye ripped that weekend, so not much else of Tampa was seen after the concert. It was just ice packs, take out, and tv. 🙁 But the concert was AMAZING!


November | I had A LOT of eye issues. Matter of fact I found out I have wrinkly eye balls. Story here. But even through that drama, I found I had even more to be thankful for! Church, family, friends, friendsgiving… And I am ever so grateful!


December | I might have made a Gilmore Girl Gift Guide, but this year we continued our tradition of skipping the presents and hitting the road. The Berryhills did New York Christmas 2015.

Bringing in the new year, I want to focus on the good, learn from the bad, and press on in the fight. A short list of goals I have are to stay intentionally grateful, strive to grow in wisdom and favor with God and man, find a fitness activity that I don’t absolutely dread, read more, and be a good steward of my time and money.