Tuesday I gave blood. It was my second time being a donor. There was a long while I couldn’t because of the steroid drops I had for my eye. But I finished those up and received the call from Red Cross that there was a shortage of O Negative blood. As my friends pointed out even my blood is unique. haha.

I hope everyone that can give will. It really is a no-brainer. Save lives and get juice and cookies afterward. It only hurts for like two seconds. Totally worth giving someone that life-saving liquid your body so magically produces. Unless you are underweight, have the Zika virus, have gotten a tattoo recently or have tested positive for AIDS or Hepatitis you really have no excuse. So sign up and give. Here’s a link to Red Cross.

While I was there a young guy sat down to donate alongside me. He plopped some headphones in his ears and bobbed along to whatever tunes he had cued up. I became frustrated that I not only forgot my book but didn’t think to bring headphones! How could I not have thought of headphones?! It gets awkward just sitting there while these men and women run around literally draining the life out of you.

After being pampered with apple juice and Cheeze-its, I jumped in the car and plugged in the aux cord. I just knew Spotify would have just what I was looking for. But lo and behold, there was not a blood donor playlist! There are PMS playlists and morning commute playlists, there might as well be a blood donor playlist! So I took it upon myself to create one and thought I would share it with you all today. It’s full of easy-listening songs that all have one thing in common. Guess. Okay. Don’t hurt yourself. They all have blood in the title. Aren’t I a witty genius!?!  Yeah yeah. And they aren’t all girl-power anthems like the PMS playlist so I didn’t just duplicate that.

ANYWAY. I’ve embedded it below. Check it out and let me know what you think!