So you’re a Christian, and all of these rules and traditions are too confusing and constricting, and you just can’t figure out the point. Or maybe you’ve had your doubts about the church, and you’ve possibly even thought about writing off religion all together a time or two. But you’ve got it all wrong, before you shut that door and toss the key, open a page and take a seat.

You’ve heard of Jefferson Bethke, spoken word artist known for his YouTube videos such as Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus and his first book Jesus>Religion. His newest book, It’s Not What You Think, dives further into the context of Christianity and reshapes our understanding of the Gospel, God, our purpose, and many other things that really… aren’t what we think. And here is my It’s Not What You Think Review…

INWYT addresses our Story, the Temple, People, Ourselves, the Sabbath, Worship, the Kingdom, Brokenness, and the Table. In each topic Jeff takes us back to the original intent and context. Stripping away all the traditions and effects society has placed on our view of God, His relationship with us and His creation.

Jeff’s writing, while theologically deep and sound, is also easy to follow, entertaining, and inviting. Even while covering such a large array of topics He pulls them all together beautifully.

But over the past couple of years I’ve fallen more in love with Jesus and the story of God and his church by unclicking the mute button twenty-first century Westerners have put on first-century Jesus and letting him speak on his own.

Western Christianity today is a weird stew of some biblical teachings and some gnostic principles, in a heavy modern enlightenment foundation with a Jesus sticker slapped on it. And sadly that combination leads to erosion, decay, and a Christianity that is honestly neither fulfilling nor enticing.

Growing up in the nineties, I got to witness exactly what Jeff points out in this Western Christianity. This ‘odd stew’ of a religion that is telling us one thing and society another, and both shaming us for being confused when we try, fail and feel unfulfilled.

We feel unfulfilled because we have missed the point. Where you start a story drastically changes how you perceive that story. Jeff revisits the story, starting in the beginning, where all stories should start. He breaks down each subject, returning to the overall goal of the Bible, intimacy with our Creator and restoration of all of creation. Shalom.

I know and pray that God can use this book to open eyes and reshape hearts. It taught me so much and made me fall deeper in love with our Creator. If you haven’t already gotten a copy, and you are wanting to further your faith or just understand some things about Christianity that baffle you, this book is for you.

When you finish the book you will feel closer to our Father, as well as a brand new best friend to Bethke. I just know some day I’m going to binge watch Gilmore Girls with Jeff, Alyssa, Kinsley, and newly announced Bethke. Is that weird? Nah… 🙂

Visit and Jefferson’s blog. And if you’ve read INWYT I’d love to know your thoughts and feedback! What was your favorite points? Aha moments? Quotes? (My book has highlights on almost every page!)

Also! I gave away both Bethke Books! Thanks to all who entered the contest and I hope they bless Danielle as much as they have blessed me. You can follow Danielle at and @danielleburney.