Featured Image Cred: Thomas Gehrke, slightly cropped.

Juliette, Georgia – Whistle Stop Cafe

Saturday cousin Beka and I decided to hit the road for a nearby adventure. We ended up in Juliette, Georgia, home of the Whistle Stop Cafe. Juliette was the filming location for Fried Green Tomatoes. If you haven’t seen it, find your nearest Video Warehouse now and please, Be Kind Rewind. Okay, I kid. But it’s not on Netflix, so you will have to find it elsewhere.

Though I do think it very important to plan ahead for things, I really didn’t consider the fact that it was the Saturday before July 4th and that little ol’ Juliette would be crowded. The street was packed with cars and there was an hour wait to be seated at the cafe.

We browsed all five or so stores scattered along the street. Many of them are filled with antiques, random stuff, tourist shirts, and crafts. We tasted some delicious wildflower honey and I ended up purchasing some Pear Relish since I’ve run low.

One o’clock hit and it was still bustling. Complementary slices of watermelon were a lovely touch of southern hospitality. Our tea came to us in mason jars and the service was unbelievably fast. Fried green tomatoes were a necessity, as was Bennett’s BBQ. The tomato relish had a good kick of spice and the sweet BBQ sauce enhanced the tender pork perfectly. (The secret’s in the sauce, you know.) We over ordered and had to take two boxes home with us. But look at that food! Mouth watering!

Whistle Stop Cafe - Juliette, GA- Fried Green Tomatoes

After Juliette we drove back to Macon and window shopped before calling it a day. I love hanging out with Beka. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so we had plenty to catch up on. She’s the Ruth to my Idgy. (In the movie sense, not the book sense.) 😜

Beka, Jackie, and meFamily is so important. I love that Beka and I had the wonderful blessing of growing closer over the years. It’s been over a year since we lived in the loft, but we seem to find ourselves in similar seasons of life and it’s nice to have each other to relate to and lean on. Jackie would be proud. 🙂 And Jackie would have LOVED the Whistle Stop Cafe and their fried green tomatoes. (Though hers were even better!)

Now excuse me while I go warm up some left overs…