Thinking about LESS.

Marketing and media shove so much in our face daily that we constantly think we need MORE. More clothes, bigger houses, quick and easy food and multiple quick and easy relationships (I’m looking at you, tinder).

We treat objects like people and people like objects.

I believe we’ve been called to be better stewards of our health, homes, relationships and this world. The fact that the average person throws away 4.6 pounds of waste PER DAY is absolutely mind-boggling. The compostable materials we send to the landfills aren’t even allowed enough air to break down properly, and instead just add to the methane and chemicals created that end up in our air, water, and land.

Recycling is a good alternative, but even recycling, unless it’s glass or aluminum, tends to discard a ton and use up water and energy in the process. The best alternative is to reduce the amount we consume, reuse what we already have, and compost (then recycle).

So I’m going “zero waste,” being intentional about what I obtain, use, and discard in order to send as little as possible to landfills. Granted, I’ll definitely have some waste, so zero isn’t the best term, but my aim is the same. Composting, shopping farmer’s markets or the perimeter of grocery stores and staying away from boxed, processed and plastic packaging, using stainless steel and glass containers and reusable shopping bags. There are tons of ways to make small changes that have a positive affect on the environment, our wallets, our bodies, and our lives.

If you’re still reading this, know that I’m not trying to become an obnoxious vegan or cross-fitter (not that either of those things are wrong, but you know the type). I won’t snatch straws out of your mouths or yell at you if I see you buying packaged produce. (Debbie, remember that time you literally yelled at me in the middle of the store when you saw me coming out of a tanning bed? Yeah, I won’t to that.😉 #loveyoumeanit) I’m just trying to better myself and the environment and be the tree-hugging/Jeusus-loving/crazy-cat-lady/concert-junkie that I was always meant to be.

I’m now composting, going paperless in the kitchen, and plastic-free in the bathroom (goodbye paper towels, goodbye disposables).

But also know that I’m pretty phasey and make a lot of mistakes. I’ve already cut my knee with my safety razor, used a plastic straw, and gotten food in a styrofoam to-go container. So forgive me. This is a process.

Anyone else working on a zero-waste lifestyle? What are your favorite resources? Got any tips or tricks for me?