A lot changed last year. I moved into the city in the spring. In October, I accepted the position of Manager for Pinnacle Fitness. Awarded the most exclusive private gym in Atlanta, Pinnacle is a boutique personal training gym in the heart of Buckhead. I’m proud to work with and around such an impressive collection of characters. God even gave me some Christian accountability in a tight group of coworkers. And after all of these years of fitness and health goals phasing in and out, I now REALLY have no excuse. I am at the gym six days a week, surrounded by personal trainers. This girl is hitting the weights and I can’t phase out this time.

For Christmas, the family went to ITALY. Yes, I know. It’s March and I haven’t even posted about Christmas in Italy! (Forgive me. It’ll come.)

So far 2019 has been much more peaceful. I’ve settled into a good routine with meal prepping, meditation, Bible study, working out, and housekeeping. I’m a part of Passion City Church, The Grove, and a community group. And I’m in the middle of a mentorship program through North Point Ministries called Re:New. (All about renewing your mind.) I don’t know where God’s taking me but I’m here for it.

And finally, last month, I broke up the routine to fly to Virginia, where Brad just relocated for work. The weather wasn’t the most ideal, so we grabbed a bite a Decent People before heading to his place to start a binge of Doctor Foster. The weekend also consisted of a trip to Costco, Lidl, watching a fight break out in Goodwill, live music at The Waterfront, and a picnic on Virginia Beach. And please don’t let me leave out the most brag-worthy biscuits from The Handsome Biscuit. Bless my soul.

I’m so proud of all he has accomplished and who he is continually becoming. He has such a good heart and allows me to always be me, even when I have no idea who that is. I’m taking notes and trying to continually better myself too. Guess we all have to start somewhere.

So now you’re up to date. Sorry it took so long!