Y’all know I’m no morning person.

But as I stated earlier, after a very stagnant year in self-improvement, it’s time to make some changes.

I recently read The Miracle Morning. I tend to be a slow reader and I read the entire book in a day.

In The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod suggests you wake up earlier and complete the SAVERS.


Silence (meditation/prayer)




Reading and

Scribbling (writing).


Not necessarily in that order. Whether you choose to do all six in six minutes, two hours, or another time of day is up to you, but starting your day out with that peace and purpose is bound to make some changes in your everyday life.

Since reading, I have set my alarm to 6 am and set it across the room from my bed. I’ve woken up, had a glass of water, washed my face, walked my cat., read and listened to scripture, practiced prayer and mindfulness, completed a walk, yoga, or the Seven workout, and tried to wrap my mind around affirmations and visualizations.

Each time, I’ve felt calm and accomplished before I would have otherwise even been awake.

It also helps because I do NOT like dealing with people in the mornings, no matter how much I may like them. So this helps me spend time with the Lord first, me second, and roommates and the world third. I’m actually ready to face the day. I’ve got to get my heart right before I can better love others. And lately, my heart’s been a mess. But that’s off topic…

If you want to try out SAVERS here is a six-minute miracle morning. And a free kindle version for Prime users.

What gets y’all out of bed in the morning? I’m excited to continue and see where I end up this time next year!