No. Really. It’s never the guy’s fault.
(Stay with me here, because I know all you ladies are thinking… uh… yes it is.)

But in this area… the area of idols.. It isn’t their fault. It wasn’t their fault that I put them on pedestals. It wasn’t their fault that I gave up  hours upon hours of my life thinking of them, talking to them on the phone, daydreaming of possible futures. Not totally. It wasn’t their fault that time and time again throughout my life that I have let a guy take the priority over my walk with God.

Relationships are not evil. They can be wonderful. But when a relationship causes me to distance myself from God, intentionally or accidentally, it becomes an idol. And that is no one’s fault but my own.

All too easily we women want to be loved and desired so much that we devote so much of ourselves into relationships, without weighing the costs of what we are giving up. Whether it be time or physical we are called to glorify God in all that we are- first and foremost.

My relationship with God should come before my relationship with a man.

When I like a guy I think about him often. I want to know what he’s thinking. I become more interested in things he likes. I want to talk to him, hear from him. When I am serious about a guy, flirting with other guys lose its appeal. I stay faithful. It’s not even a slight temptation. I want to do what I can to please him. I’ve even been known to wash a guy’s clothes. And I HATE washing clothes. It’s called love languages, people. It’s less of a sacrifice if it’s for the one you love. I want to do right by him. When people are looking or when they aren’t. I want to work towards a future together. I don’t care what others think, so long as he’s on my side.

Isn’t that how we should be with God? Reread that in the context of God and not man. Not that you have to wash God’s clothes, but you get my drift. I need to crush on God, if that doesn’t sound too weird.