Still sending out a HUGE thanks to Netflix for enabling my Gilmore Girl addiction. I know some people are just becoming reacquainted with the cast of Stars hollow during this COVID quarantine. So us long-timers would like to welcome you whole-heartedly!

The fast-paced, witty banter of Lorelei and Rory keeps us rolling with laughter. Our hearts break when theirs do. We join Team Dean, Jess, Logan, or Team Luke or Christopher. Our perspectives change as we grow older, first relating so hard to Rory and then years later we now understand Lorelei so much more. We have become citizens of Stars Hollow and students of Yale. We are all Gilmores at heart.


This In Omnia Paratus Pin is the perfect addition to my current enamel obsession.

SimplySaidPaperCo makes this amazing Engraved Pencil Set, for you to take all of your notes in your classes at Yale.

And because we all want to visit the Dragonfly, here is a Dragonfly Inn Key Tag from Greenwich Press. Sores & Boils Alley. Lolz.

Here is a Take Me to Stars Hollow Tee and an “I’d rather be watching Gilmore Girls” Pullover by Arsenic and Lace for the warm and cool weather. (Or to just lay around watching Netflix and eating Redvines and pizza.)

Check out that absolutely gorgeous Stars Hollow Poster from WindowShopGal that I want right this minute!

It wouldn’t be a complete Gilmore Gift Guide without a Luke’s Diner Mug from NikNuk Stuff. For the times you need coffee like you need oxygen.


What is your favorite Gilmore-ism? Stars Hollow moment? What team are you shipping? Tell me. Tell meeeee.. We can meet up at a coffee shop and talk about it! 😀