I can’t believe January is over! Two thousand and fourteen feels like yesterday. But then again, when I look back at my Passion Planner, I see that a ton has happened this year already. And I am happy to see that I’ve stayed pretty well in line with most of my goals set at the beginning of the year as well!

My 2015 goals dealt with matters of the heart, becoming a morning person, cultivating friendships, managing money, reading and learning, and health.

January, Rehashed

Exercise Early: I got up at 5:30 and headed to the gym three times almost every week. But I’m pretty proud of myself! I did at least one mile each day on the elliptical and then went in for some light weights. I’m nowhere near a morning person yet. I still feel unreasonably groggy afterwards and have slipped back in bed a few of those days.  But there were also days that I woke up all on my own at 5:30 even though a gym day wasn’t planned. I’m not saying I stayed awake…. but my internal clock is trying to get me up earlier! 🙂

Reading: I finished God is Able as well as Eleanor & Park. I am also in the middle of four others. (I might have ADD.) But they are all SOOO good!

Health: Meal planning hasn’t gone so well, but I am trying to drink more water and make better choices when I grocery shop and go out.

Social: Well, no giant potluck or gathering. I did have a fun day with Becca and baby Jack, a dinner with the lovelies ladies in my Bible study group, a few nights out with friends, and see two amazing movies. Oh yeah. And I saw Family & Friends play at the Hummingbird. AMAZING show.

So the majority of my goals were accomplished, and now we move on to the next month.


She Reads Truth just began a devotional study on Esther I’m joining while keeping up with their #365daysoftruth. Our ladies group is also starting a study on Secrets of the Vine. Looking forward to them both. Also working on my prayer life. Needing to work on my communication skills with the man upstairs.

I will keep getting up and going to the gym. This time trying not to fall back asleep afterwards. I’ll also be attending a woman’s self-defense class on the fourteenth.

In focusing on my health I am starting another Juice From The Raw Juice Cleanse this month! My first cleanse last year went well, and I am so excited to have six others do it with me! The cleanse begins today and I hope to post some of their reviews and thoughts on here after all is said and done.  I also want to really adhere to meal planning instead of going out so often.

I have signed up for the Influence Network’s book club for Make It Happen as well as The Intentional Filling’s club for The Best Yes. I love them both already.

I’m hosting a small ladies gathering the night before Valentine’s day. There will be chocolate, wine, and quite possibly a chick flick. No idea who will show up, but I’m looking forward to it.

Last month I didn’t even address money. I’m finally going to start investing. And sticking to my budget. Like, really, no adjusting. Thank the Lord for YNAB and Betterment.

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