Y’all. For real.

I just accidentally unlocked one of the highest levels of food flattery. I just upped Amber’s food game. She told me herself. Coming from the girl whose kitchen must be a portal into heaven with her perfect cupcakes, pasta, and other concoctions. I just upped her food game.

I decided to try some kitchen creativity. Mind you, I am not creative in the kitchen. Cooking intimidates me. I enjoy it. But I’m not great at it. Okay. I think you’ve got the picture. Let’s move on.

This is the creation I snapchatted (kristaprada) out into the world.

chicken pepper jelly wrap

And this is the Chicken Pepper Jelly Wrap “recipe”

  • 1 wrap, I prefer whole wheat or spinach
  • Oregon Pear & Pepper Jelly (Kroger Private Selection)
  • half an avocado
  • diced cucumber
  • shredded chicken breast (luckily I had some left over from the tortellini soup recipe)

Layer everything on the wrap and then top it off with a few dollops of more pepper jelly.

Probably should’ve and could’ve added some kale or arugula, but I’ll try that next time. Because I will definitely be having this again. Meanwhile, Amber heads to the store to purchase some pepper jelly.

For dessert a few peach slices topped with vegan mayo and sharp cheddar. Jackie would be proud. 🙂

chicken pepper jelly wrap