I’m still working on what exactly my goals for this blog are. I wanted it to focus on intention and motivation, because with my ADD tendencies I need accountability in all aspects of life. But then life happened and that wasn’t the message I had to share. I think that maybe, just like ‘finding’ yourself, defining your blog will take time and experience.

But for now, as I take it post by post… I think that I should just start out the new year with a few goals. And I’ll keep track of them on my Passion Planner!

2015 Goals

Heart: Get in the Word. Read the entire Bible in a year. Learn to love like I am loved. Extend the grace I’ve been shown. Grow closer to God.

Become a morning person: Waking up early. Devotion. Yoga. Plan my day. Get ready (including make up and hair done.) All consistently.

Cultivate friendships: I have been blessed with an amazing bunch of friends. All unique and beautiful, they bring so much into my life and I am thankful for each of them. From relationships I’ve had since first grade, to the wonderful ladies’ Bible study group I recently joined. I want to make a point to spend more time together, near or far. This also will include the blogging communities I have just joined and already love dearly!

Money: Blessed beyond belief I am entering into this new year debt free! Now it’s my job to be responsible with what I am given. I have so many dreams for this life so now it’s time to start saving and investing. With a little determination and a lot of help from YNAB, hopefully I can end this year with a decent amount stashed away for those dreams. Also I want to tithe before spending a dime of each paycheck.

Read: I want to read at least one book a month, though ultimately I’d love to read one a month for pleasure and one for education.

Learn: I want to learn French and American Sign Language. And I plan to do so through Duolingo and You tube videos. (Anyone have a success story or review on Duolingo?)

Health: Meal plan and prep. Clean eating. Do some form of exercise every weekday.

Project: Start a project my cousin and I talked about with Jackie last year. Hush hush. 😉

January Goals

Start exercising early. Today was a success! I decided I’d rather be sore than sorry and got my butt out of bed at 545am to walk with Momma and Mrs. Faye. Those women get it. I’ve got a long way to go, but at least I’m awake and have almost 3 miles on the pedometer already!

Finish reading God is Able by Priscilla Shirer. Begin reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Read my Bible daily.

Meal plan, shop, and prepare for every week. Stop eating out so often. Be healthy. Save that money!

Plan a social night for anyone to attend. A potluck dinner once a month for all my friends? Girls’ night in with drinks and manicures? Coffee or tea dates every so often? I want it to be a regular event people look forward to and plan for. Thoughts or ideas? Would any of you be interested? Let me know!

Oh yeah- and for the single ladies out there, I’ve got something up my sleeve for Valentine’s day. So keep February 14th open on your calendars and more details to come! Matter of fact, if you’re in the Middle Georgia area and want to join, email me your mailing address to kristen@kristaprada.com 😉

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Intentionally Yours,