To Wait and Wander


Name’s Kristen. I’m a southern Christian girl of twenty-eight years.  I love my close-knit family, eclectic group of friends and cross-eyed Siamese, Shyssa.

I am the Manager of a personal training gym in Atlanta, GA.

I spend as much time as possible attending concerts, floating rivers, reading good books, and attending any and everything that requires costumes.

Some of my favorite things: bitter beer, butterbeer, naps, hot tea, honeysuckles, instagram, kayaking, road trips, kitties, and side-splitting laughs.  🙂

I’m a Ravenclaw, Gilmore girl, Pam, and the perfect mixture of Phoebe and Rachel.

This is a faith-based lifestyle blog I created to share a little about my God, my adventures, and things I love. Please follow along and add your two cents, advice, or encouragement along the way. For more about the name, read here.